Robert Sheehan says 'The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones' will be adventurous like 'Indiana Jones'.


“The actor - who stars alongside Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower in the hotly anticipated big screen adaptation of Cassandra Clare’s young adult sci-fi novel - has likened the film to the Harrison Ford-starring franchise, revealing it has an ”uninhibited sense of adventure”. Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz on the red carpet at the Jameson Empire Awards on Sunday (24.03.13), he said: ”It’s a great big fat action film. Basically, I think it’s magical and wonderful. For me, it was lots of great big fun shooting it because I was regressed back to being a boy because it was all very fantastical. There were lots of vampires, werewolves and all that business. It was great. It lent itself well to the imagination. ”I think it has an uninhibited sense of adventure. There’s a wonderful, tangential sense to the adventure, much in the way of Indiana Jones, where he basically gets pulled to and fro in the mad tide of adventure and [the films are] completely out of control from start to finish. ”That’s what I love about the script and that’s what I think the script has done.”

And probably of most interest to everyone:

The former ‘Misfits’ star also confirmed that he and his fellow cast mates are signed on to star in potential sequels to the movie.” 

Quizzed about his contractual obligations for future sequels, he said: ”Yes, we are indeed.”


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